3.11.2 Additional Documentation Request

  1. Training completion records: We utilize the Safe Colleges online training platform to track training compliance. Attached are some examples of actual reports from the system. If we need data on a particular training requirement or for a particular timeframe, I would just need those specific parameters to run a specific report.
  2. New Employee Orientation - Documentation safety is covered: Attached is the actual PowerPoint used by HR at New Employee Orientation. This in-person training is held for new hires once per month by HR. The Title IX portion is presented by a staff member from the Title IX Office, while the Safety portion is presented in person by a member of the facilities staff.
  3. Building diagrams referenced in emergency response plan: These are attached. Along with a photo of the classroom emergency guide in use on each campus.
  4. Hawk Alert – documentation that system is tested: The Hawk Alert system has been in a state of transition for the past year, with the current system (Genesys) slated to be phased out in favor of a new, more robust system by RAVE. As such, we have not conducted system tests of the current Genesys system. However, there have been several recent actual uses of the system, with satisfactory results, negating the need for a test message. I am attaching a screenshot of the system, as well as a screenshot showing evidence of recent usage. Note that the new RAVE system is linked to our employee and student data in Colleague/Datatel and we are in the process of asking employees and students to validate their contact info prior to testing the new system this Fall.
  5. Hawk Alert – documentation of actual use:
  6. HCC Speak up – documentation of use:
  7. Documentation that training on harassment policy takes place: While this is administered by the Title IX office, we do have visibility of the training records in the Safe Colleges System. The attached report shows that 1459 employees have completed Title IX Sexual Misconduct training, which is a majority of our employees.