2.7.3 Additional Documentation Request

I would like to see and discuss samples of Transfer Articulation Agreements.

4.9 Additional Documentation Request

  1. I need a sample of clock to credit hour conversion.
  2. In addition to ENT 1102 I need samples of other completed New Course forms submitted to the Academic Affairs Committee for consideration and approval.
  3. I would like to see where the total number of minutes associated with, for example, a 3 credit hour course is shown on a New Course form. Unless I missed it, it is not shown on the ENT 1102 New Course form provided in the Focused Report.
    • The HCC Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) reviews and recommends direction on all courses at the College, as described in the Academic Affairs Handbook. The new course form does not include the total number of minutes associated with each credit hour because the Academic Affairs Handbook spells out minutes per credit hour on page 50.