Safety Handbook

At HCC, the safety and well-being of our students and employees are a high priority. To help ensure the maximum protection and reduce the chance of crimes occurring, HCC employs trained security officers and routinely provides information on self-protection, crime prevention and drug/alcohol abuse to students and staff. Still, campus safety is everyone’s duty. Each of us must take responsibility for our personal property and personal safety by establishing good safety habits and by being observant. In addition, students, staff and visitors must adhere to all local, state and federal laws as well as HCC rules, policies and procedures.

HCC’s Security Office is responsible for making sure laws and many of the rules and procedures are enforced on campus. However, HCC security officers are not police officers. They are not armed and cannot make arrests. If a crime occurs, a local law enforcement agency is contacted and HCC security officers work with investigating officers by providing them with information and assistance. 

What HCC Does...

Provides uniformed security officers with appropriate identification and training to help with crime prevention and to assist students and staff.

Periodically sponsors safety education and awareness programs for students and staff on such topics as personal safety and security, sexual assault and date rape.

Makes routine assessments and state reviews to ensure HCC’s facilities and safety and security guidelines are in compliance.

Provides telephones at campus buildings.

Regularly trims shrubs and trees near buildings, maintains proper lighting and keeps door locks in good working condition.

Provides security escorts for students and staff to parking areas on request.

Provides CCTV systems (cameras) in most campus buildings which are recorded in the Security Offices.

The Students' Responsibilities

Think before you act. Take responsibility for your own safety.

Immediately report suspicious conduct, criminal activities and hazardous situations to the HCC Security Office. The quicker you report your concerns, the faster a security officer can respond. Time is of the essence, especially in emergency situations.

Don’t leave doors and windows open. Don’t prop open doors that automatically lock when closed.

Walk to class or your car in a group or with a companion. Call an HCC security officer (253-7911 or cell- 220-7032 after hours) to be escorted to your car.

Walk in well-lighted areas at night, even when in a group.

Stay alert and use your intuition. If you think you are being followed, change directions and walk toward a group of people.

Don’t leave belongings such as purses, book bags, and briefcases unattended. Many campus crimes involve thefts among students. The more cautious you are, the less chance you have of being a crime victim.

Avoid strangers who appear suspicious or out of place, particularly if they are in a car and asking for information.

Call the HCC Security Office at 253-7911 to request assistance.