Personal Safety Tips

Self-protection means knowing how to avoid becoming a crime victim and what to do in the event you do become a victim. For example, carry no more cash than is absolutely necessary. Keep a list at home of your credit cards and account numbers, licenses and other valuables to make filing a report easier. The following are more safety tips...

While walking...
Walk with someone to discourage muggers.
Stay in well-lighted areas and walk near the curb.
Keep away from alley entrances, entryways or shrubs where someone could be hiding.
Stay near people; avoid shortcuts through vacant parking lots, parks and other deserted areas.
Hold your purse or backpack close.
Don’t accept rides with strangers.
Keep your distance from a car if the driver stops to ask directions - you could be pulled inside.
Walk with confidence, do not appear timid or frightened.
Don’t fight if your purse is snatched; you may risk injury.

Being followed by someone on foot?
Remain alert. Keep looking behind you as it may discourage your follower.
Cross the street, change directions and/or change your pace.
If the follower persists, go to a lighted home or store and call authorities.
Being followed by someone in a car?
Turn around and walk in the other direction.
Go up a one-way street if possible.
If the follower persists, try to get the tag number and call authorities.

While driving...
Keep windows up and doors locked at all times.
Keep valuables such as a purse or cell phone out of sight.
Don’t pick up hitchhikers.
Don’t stop to help a disabled vehicle. Report it to law enforcement.
Intersections and stop lights are favorite targets for would-be attackers. Leave enough room between you and the car in front to enable you to pull away. Keep your car in gear, and if threatened, drive away, blowing your horn.