College Prep Options 

A new state law (senate bill 1720) has made changes to the college prep requirements.

These changes are only for some students. Are you one of those students?

You must be able to answer yes to both of these questions*:
1. Did you enter 9th grade in a Florida public high school during the 2003/2004 school year or later?
2. Did you graduate with a Standard High School diploma from a Florida public high school?

Or yes to this question:
3. Are you an active duty military service member?

*NOTE: This does not apply to you if you are currently enrolled in or have completed ENC1101 and MAT1033.

If you answered yes to both questions #1 and #2 OR to question #3, you are no longer required to take a placement test or prep classes. This lets you enroll in any college credit course that does not require a college-level prerequisite. It is still a great idea for you to take a placement test and any recommended prep courses so that you know that you are really ready for college-level coursework. Advisors can assist you in deciding on your best course options. If you answered no to the questions, you must take The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test or PERT test. The results from the PERT Test determine the appropriate course placement for each student and may require you to take prep courses if needed. Contact an advisor to assist you in deciding on your best course options.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions or consult an Advisor at a campus location or by email.
Other resources: HCC Placement Tests and College Prep Power Point

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