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Lennard Collegiate Academy

The Lennard Collegiate Academy allows students to complete their first year of college while earning their high school diploma.  After successfully completing the PERT, ACT, or SAT, students will begin dual enrollment coursework in a cohort on the Hillsborough Community College, SouthShore Campus.  Those students who complete the full 30 credits may enter any public Florida college or university as second-year student.


Admission and Placement

In order to gain admission, a student must:

  • Achieve minimum un-weighted high school GPA of 3.0 or higher or achieve a weighted GPA of 3.0 or higher, using State University System (SUS) weighting rules
  • Be recommended by the high school guidance counselor.

In order to be placed in specific dual enrollment courses a student must:

  • Achieve the PERT, ACT, or SAT score levels specified in the HCC Catalog.


Program Outcomes

Students who complete the program will have achieve the following:

          • Completed all high school requirements for graduation (4 Years)
          • Tested into college level courses in Mathematics, Writing and Reading
          • Earned 30 credits that are transferable to any public college or university in Florida
          • Completed the first full year of their college degree


Tuition and Books 

Tuition is waived and texbooks are provided free for public school students.


Dual Enrollment Cohort

Junior Year - Fall Junior Year - Spring

1) AMH 1010 (Early Amer. History)
2) PSY 2012 (General Psychology)
3) SLS 1501 (College Success)

Cannot take any extra classes this semester (9 credit max.)

1) AMH 1020 (Modern Amer. History
2) ENC 1101 (English Comp. I)
3) CGS 1000 (Intro. to Computers)

Cannot take any extra classes this semester (9 credit max.)

Senior Year - Fall Senior Year - Spring
1) ENC 1102 (English Comp. II
2) HUM 2210 (World Hum: Prehist/Early Modern)

1) SPC 1608 (Public Speaking)
2) PHI 1600 (Ethics)



Social Science
Computer Requirement

Still Needed After Graduation (For AA Degree):

Math - 6 Credits
Natural Science - 7 Credits
Capstone Requirement - 1 Credit
Electives - 16 Credits

NOTE:  Lennard Academy students would still have the option to take regular Dual Enrollment classes in the evening and over the summer if they chose.  They can also do AP classes as well. This would allow students to get even further ahead with their college courses.


SouthShore Campus, 551 24th Street North East, Ruskin, FL 33570