HCC SouthShore
New Programs at HCC-SouthShore

Early Childhood Education

A career in early childhood education offers great rewards in working with young children and helping them grow. The early childhood education program at HCC-SouthShore offers life-changing educational traingin, as students gain hands-on experience and excellent instruction.

This program prepares students for a variety of careers in the early childhood field and provides practical, hands-on experience. Students engage in three levels of training for state-mandated competencies and staff credentialing.   


Medical Coding

This program teaches students how to process insurance forms, assign basic medical codes, and operate databases and medical billing computer software.  Course work focuses on medical terminology and anatomy, and the use of ICD-9, Basic CPT Codes, Medicare, and other government, private, self-insurance, and managed-care plans. Students prepare to work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, health care facilities, and billing departments of medical facilities, or to set up a private billing service.



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