Initial Referral

Members of the college community who have concerns for the well-being or safety of an employee and/or student or the college community, or who have reason to believe that  an individual may pose a direct threat to himself/herself or to the college community, may refer a them to the Speak Up HCC Team for an individualized assessment.

1) The Speak Up HCC Team will conduct an individualized, informal, preliminary assessment of individuals referred and their ability to safely participate in the college community:
     a. Consultation with administrators, faculty, staff and other students who may have been witness to or impacted by the individual.
     b. Consultation with the individual who is the subject of the referral, or others, such as the parent or other family member if appropriate,  regarding their current medical condition including requesting recent medical information and health records.
     c. Consultation with mental health or other medical professionals as permitted by law.

2) If the Speak Up HCC Team's informal, preliminary assessment indicates that the individual does not present a direct threat to himself/herself or to the college community,  the Speak Up HCC Team may take any action as deemed appropriate including:
     a. Referring the student to the Dean of Student Services for possible violation of the college code of conduct based on specific conduct and employees to their supervisor or Campus President.
     b. Recommending that the individual seek appropriate treatment such as the Student Assistance Program or Employee Assistance Program.
     c. Continuing to monitor the situation involving the individual, and, if appropriate, developing a care plan to support the individual and protect the college community.
     d. Recommending changes to the student’s educational program through academic advising, disability support services, career counseling, etc.

3) If the Speak Up HCC Team’s informal preliminary assessment indicates that the individual may present a direct threat to himself/herself or to the college community, the Speak Up HCC Team chair will arrange for an informal conference for the student and the Dean of Student Services as soon as possible.  At the informal conference the Dean of Student Services shall:
     a. Discuss the results of the Speak Up HCC Team's  preliminary assessment with the student.
     b. Review the Speak Up HCC Team's administrative withdrawal policy with the student.
     c. Direct the student to meet with a designated mental health professional within a specific period of time and confirm that the student’s failure to meet as directed may result in action under the college code of conduct for failure to comply with the directive of a college official.
     d. Inform the student that the results of the evaluation may be made available to the student and to the Speak Up HCC Team, and that the results may be discussed at a meeting to consider the possible involuntary administrative withdrawal. 

4) The Speak Up HCC Team will reconvene following the evaluation by the designated mental health professional.  Based on any information available as a result of that evaluation and all other relevant information that was collected as part of the informal process, the Speak Up HCC Team may:
     a. Terminate the process if the evaluation and other relevant information indicate that the student does not pose a direct threat to himself/herself or to other members of the college community.
     b. Encourage the student to consider taking a voluntary leave of absence thereby eliminating the need to initiate the involuntary administrative withdrawal process.
     c. Provide formal notice to the student stating that:
          i. Information available to the  Speak Up HCC Team indicates that the student may pose a direct threat to the health and safety of the student or other members of the college community and that the student may be involuntarily administratively withdrawn from the college for security reasons.
          ii. The student may request a formal conference with the Speak Up HCC Team no more than two (2) business days after the date of the Team's notice in order to review the basis for the involuntary administrative withdrawal and to challenge the truth or accuracy of the underlying information.

5) Individuals who do not request a formal meeting with the Speak Up HCC Team within two (2) business days of the formal meeting notice will be immediately administratively withdrawn from the college without further procedures.