Reporting Concerning Behavior

The following are examples of concerning behaviors or situations:
• Suspicious actions as well as criminal acts
• Behaviors that continue after Speak Up HCC Team interventions
• Behaviors that continue after disciplinary intervention
• High risk behaviors such as alcohol or drug use
• Disturbing or strange/violent writings
• Expressions by student of feelings of depression, lacking self worth, and/or uselessness including suicidal symptoms
• Unusual attention shown toward the instructor or a student in or out of the classroom environment
• Discuss an employee or other member of the campus in a way that causes concern (a fixation of any kind, defines them in an unusual way, creates fantasized scenarios, etc.)
• First-hand or reports by others’ knowledge of a student’s behavior off campus that may carry over onto the campus
• Indirect threats against self or others

How and When to Report - Campus Public Safety to respond immediately
• Student who is creating a disturbance in class and refuses to leave when asked
• Aggression that is threatening
• A direct threat is made
• Physical assault
• Someone reports being a victim of a crime (just happened or happened on campus)
• A weapon is seen or reported
• A crime is in progress
• Person is hallucinating, does not appear to be in control of his/her behaviors
• Under the influence of alcohol or drugs (could pose a threat to self and/or others if driving)
• Person threatens suicide or homicide

Procedure for Reporting 
First priority:  If people are at immediate risk now call 813-253-7911 for immediate assistance (Public Safety).
Second Priority:  Contact the Dean of Student Services and report the incident.
Third Priority:  Submit a Care Report
To report any persons on campus who appear to be in distress, please submit a Care Report by clicking the link below