Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Where to Get Help (College and Community Resources)

Recognizing that there may be employees and students who have an alcohol or drug problem, the College stands willing to assist in the resolution of the problem and encourages employees and students to seek help through their medical provider, or if desired, by referrals provided by the Human Resources Department or by College counselors.  HCC is committed to assisting students and employees

HCC Resources:

Community Resources:

Alcoholics Anonymous - Hillsborough County
(813) 933-9123
Email:  aainfo@aatampa-area.org 
Narcotics Anonymous
1-813-879-4357 http://www.tampa-na.org/

Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office - DACCO
(813) 384-4000
After hours number for first time callers: 1 (855) 322-2600
Agency for Community Treatment Services
4612 N. 56th Street, Tampa, Florida 33610

Additional Resources: