Dual Enrollment & Early Admissions

Qualifying high school students may earn college credits through Dual Enrollment and Early Admissions.

Dual Enrollment is an exciting program that allows high school students to earn credit toward a postsecondary diploma, certificate, or degree at a Florida public institution and toward a high school diploma.  Students who successfully complete dual enrollment courses will save time toward their college degree and save money with free tuition and, if a public school student, free textbooks. Private and homeschooled students are responsible for instructional materials.
Dual Enrollment Eligibility Requirements

Early Admissions students are admitted through the early admissions option of dual enrollment when they register at HCC as a full-time student during their senior year of high school. Credits for the courses completed satisfactorily at HCC will apply toward both the high school diploma and toward an associate or bacculaureate degree. The application fee is waived and tuition is waived for early admissions students for all courses taken through this program while they are still in high school.
Early Admission Eligibility Requirements

  • Students will be in a learning environment that explores a diverse and open range of ideas that requires a mature understanding of multiple perspectives.  Students must be able to engage in discussion in a mature and responsible manner.
  • Students will be attending classes with non-high school aged students and many encounter students of various ages and backgrounds while on an HCC campus, including students who may hold criminal records.