Steps to Apply - Applicants Outside Hillsborough County

  • Out of county applicants must provide a letter from the community college that serves that student's district that approves of the student applying to the Dual Enrollment Program at Hillsborough Community College. 
  • If the applicant is a public school student, a county school district official must provide a letter authorizing the student to enroll in the Dual Enrollment Program at HCC. Without these documents, we cannot accept an application.
  • Students admitted from out of district are responsible for knowing the classes and credits that they need for high school graduation.
  • Out of district students interested in any of the dual enrollment options should contact our office directly to obtain an application, specific information on the letters we need, and details on how to proceed.

Students will be in a learning environment that explores a diverse and open range of ideas that requires a mature understanding of multiple perspectives.  Students must be able to engage in discussion in a mature and responsible manner.

Students will be attending classes with non-high school aged students and many encounter students of various ages and backgrounds while on an HCC campus, including students who may hold criminal records.