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SSEM Update

December 2012 Edition

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Vice President's Message 

palm tree2Our work with the CLARUS Corporation in the development of an Enrollment Management Plan is near completion.  Detailed reports concerning the student experience, workforce scanning and high school counselor scans will be available in January. So far the reports identify the great attitude and friendliness of our staff as a major strength.  Improvements need to be made in the following areas: (1) availability of contacts; (2) timeliness of responses to inquiries and (3) accuracy and consistency of responses.   Additionally, the Business Process Reviews are currently being conducted for the IT Road Map.  This information combined with the findings of the CLARUS Corporation, will be used to improve the student experience, reinvent student services and retool our use of technology.  This process has clarified the steps that need to be taken, and with our hard working, dedicated staff, I have no doubt that we can dramatically improve the educational experience for our students.  I thank you for your commitment to your job and the students of HCC and I wish you a happy and prosperous holiday season and a great new year! ~ Dr. Ken Ray, Jr. 

Registrar Update 

snowflake2The first phase of the new Transient Application on the Florida Virtual College (FLVC) website has been completed. This new application asks the student if they are using financial aid.  If yes, the financial aid office will receive notification for approval.  The transient application will produce an auto response:  “Thank you for selecting Hillsborough Community College.  Your application will be manually processed. Your Confirmation Number is (#).  Please print or save this page for future reference.  Once the application process has been completed, you may register for classes online at www.hccfl.edu.  Welcome to HCC!  If you need further information about your application, you may contact HCC at 813-253-7000”. The next phase of this application will consist of the exchange, both importing and exporting, of data much like the FASTER electronic process.

Associate Registrar

snowflake3We are pleased to announce HCC's new Associate Registrar,  Nevaler Davis.  Nevaler is better known as Tanesha and has been with the College for three years.  She began as an academic advisor at the district office evaluating student transcripts and providing support in critical transfer decisions. She was later promoted to Program Analyst where she supervised the evaluation office and played a role in updating state course numbers in our system as well as supporting IT with the Speedy transcript initiative.     Tanesha came to HCC from USF where she served 6½ years managing and supervising the office for student communications in Admissions.   The Associate Registrar is part of the HCC succession plan and this position will support the Registrar in every aspect of his or her role and responsibilities.

Financial Aid Update 

The financial aid office has implemented a new Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy that brings the college in compliance with federal regulations.  Due to changes in regulations the Financial Aid Office anticipates that significantly fewer financial aid appeals will be approved for the spring 2013 term.  Financial Aid plans to run Satisfactory Academic Progress on December 13, 2012, once all final grades are received.   Once SAP is run, students failing to meet SAP or who are placed on financial aid warning, will be notified via email and automated calls.

Winter Break Plans


Transcripts will be processed for all campus locations from December 18th through the 26th. The paper transcripts will be mailed on December 28th and the FASTER requests will be transmitted daily. The Web Advisor auto response message will inform students of the winter break processing dates. Also, a message will be placed on the transcript link on the HCC Website regarding winter break delivery information. COLD transcripts will not be processed during the break and the students will receive an email stating such. All campus Admissions, Registration and Records managers will designate individual(s) to process admission applications throughout the break. Welcome emails containing additional information and resource links will be sent to the applicant's personal email offering them information regarding late enrollment, orientation schedules, testing and advising. These emails will be scheduled for December 23rd and December 30th. Graduation, diploma and transcript concerns will be monitored and managed throughout the break. The email box, graduation@hccfl.edu is the main communication tool between the graduation office, students, and advisors. 


Visit HCC Student Services & Enrollment Management at: www.hccfl.edu/ssem.aspx