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SSEM Update

September 2012 Edition

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Vice President's Message 

megaphone 2I would like to thank everyone in Student Services for the tremendous job assisting students as they enrolled this fall.  I appreciate the resiliency, flexibility, and dedication that was shown at all levels.   In spite of changes in policies and procedures, storms that knocked out power, the threat of Hurricane Isaac, and the Republican National Convention, our staff, administrators and faculty diligently persisted.  Special thanks to Finance, Financial Aid and the Registrar who organized a group of students and staff to conduct over 19,000 personal phone calls to students regarding critical dates, registration, and financial aid information. I believe each of these efforts are a major contributor to the successful enrollment and current headcount of over 28,000 this term.  Great job, everyone! ~ Dr. Ken Ray

Financial Aid 

As many of you know, there was a change in payment deadlines this fall. All financial aid files had to be completed by July 13. After that date students were required to make payment or enCheerleaderroll in TIPS. Just over 13,000 students completed their files by that date and all students with eligibility received their award by August 30. In totality, more than 17,000 students received aid this year totaling more than 170 million dollars. This is a tremendous improvement over last year and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our Financial Aid staff. While there is always room for improvement in our processes, we are pleased with the positive feedback we have received this fall. Thank you again for your hard work. 

Enrollment Management Plan Update 

Hawk_BlueHCC is currently working with the CLARUS Corporation to develop a college-wide enrollment management plan.  The first phase was to analyze our customer/student experience. The initial findings indicate some very positive attributes, noting an extremely pleasant college staff and an effective online new student orientation. The areas of improvement include a  concentration on improving systems, procedures and communications to enhance our responsiveness to students and the public with special attention toward admission of new students.   The second phase of CLARUS' work is to assess the attitudes of area employers toward our College.  The third phase will be to help HCC develop a brand platform for marketing and public relations. The Enrollment Management Task Force will be meeting with Dr. Kathi Swanson to review the findings in their entirety.

Important Dates: Enrollment Planning Task Force Meeting - September 18

Available Positions


There are several positions currently available in Student Services Enrollment Management.  trophy
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District Services for Students with Disabilities Officer
District Veteran Student Affairs Coordinator
Business Information Analyst

In Other News...


We are pleased to announce a newly created position: Pre-Collegiate Liaison Officer who will serve as the official liaison between the School District of Hillsborough County and HCC to enhance enrollment and relations through the implementation of programs and services to increase access and college readiness. Click here to read the full job description.


Visit HCC Student Services & Enrollment Management at: www.hccfl.edu/ssem.aspx