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SSEM Update

December 2014 Edition

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Vice President's Message 

Ken Ray

Thanks for a very productive fall semester.  Over 30,000 students attended classes at HCC this Fall Semester.  Just under 21,000 students received some form of federal, state or institutional financial aid. We continue to implement recommendations from our CLARUS report by streamlining our services and improving the quality of experiences for our current and future students.  Further in the newsletter you will learn about a few changes the college has made and the new initiatives taking place in new student orientation, academic advising, and the Registrar’s area.  Additionally, we share with you recognition of the hard work of our staff who are being acknowledged nationally and locally.  As we close out 2014, I thank you for your commitment to HCC and I wish you happy and healthy holidays and a prosperous new year! ~ Dr. Ken Ray, Jr.

Awards & Recognition 

On January 16, we bid Dean Frank Babcock a fond farewell after 15 years of dedicated service to HCC.  We wish him health and happiness in his retirement to Virginia.
On February 27, Lori Simmons will retire after 35 years with us. We will miss her dearly and wish her many happy times as she travels and spends time with family and friends.

Promotions: Congratulations to Cris Legner on her permanent appointment as Dean of Student Services at the Plant City Campus!

Awards:Smith and McCants award
National Council on Student Development - Terry O'Banion Award Recipients:
Warren Smith - Gold Award - "Say it Loud! College Bound and Proud!"
Sheila McCants - Bronze Award - "Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Enrollment: Leveraging Relationships with Faith Based Communities"
Read more about this award...

Kayla Bannister's paper: The Impact of the Year-Round Pell Grant on Summer Credit Hour Completion: A Quasi-Experimental Case Study at Hillsborough Community College was accepted for presentation at the Association of Education Finance and Policy conference. Read more...

Registrar Update 

The Registrar’s Office has been primarily focused on improving the incoming student experience and meeting compliance regulations. This has been a multi-faceted approach involving Student Affairs, Veteran Student Affairs, Advising, Human Resources, Facilities, and OIT. Some of the biggest improvements include:
Centralizing VA staff and processing – all VA students are now required to submit a request for certification. We are monitoring those certifications regularly and are in compliance with submission times.
Centralizing Admissions staff and processing – we are currently processing transcripts and incoming high school transcripts within 48 business hours of submission. We have reduced the college transcript backlog from 18 months to 2 months. We are also processing/evaluating every new college transcript that is received.
Updating and improving student communications – in conjunction with the new Orientation process, we have rewritten all of our enrollment communications and streamlined their dispersal. Our goal is to make the process easier for students to understand, and to help get through the entire process to registration.

Orientation Update 

snowflake2This November, the college launched an ambitious new Orientation program consisting of three components: 1. Welcome Orientation Online, 2. Connecting with an Academic Advisor, and 3. Registration Workshop.  The mandatory online Welcome Orientation provides basic information about HCC and prepares students to Connect with an Academic Advisor. An advisor will then provide access to either an online  or on-campus Registration Workshop depending on their student status.
Check out the new Orientation website for more information.

Recognition and Thank You to the Orientation Implementation Team members:  Jason Wilson, Rich Cervetti, Nicole Hamilton, Jennifer Dale, Leatrice Smith, Fauna Keppen, Julie White, Brandy Espinosa and Cris Legner.

Recognition and a huge Thank You to Dean Mary Bendickson and Maribel Garrett for  their generous funding of the Spanish version of the Welcome Orientation from the Title V/HSI Grant Project: Transition to Success at HCC Dale Mabry.

Advising Update


To demonstrate HCC's commitment to advising and in response to SB 1720, we recently hired 21 new academic advisors. By doubling our college advising staff we have the ability to provide more comprehensive advising services and address the needs of our students more efficiently.

Stop by and welcome our new advisors when you have the opportunity. 

College Bound Initiative 

The Middleton students, faculty and administration are excited to have HCC helping their seniors prepare them for the next chapter in their lives. Having  programs and services available on the Middleton High School campus has cultivated a conversation regarding the benefits of taking the services to students versus students coming to HCC.  This conversation between HCC and School District personnel has developed into an action plan to provide space on selected high school campuses for HCC to set-up an Enrollment Office.  Students will be able to receive individual and group services from HCC personnel, ranging from the admissions process to presentations.  It is our hope that this more intimate model will increase the number of students who attend HCC immediately after graduating.

Financial Aid Update 

As always, the Financial Aid Office is keeping busy with a total of 20,475 students who have been awarded for 2014/2015 academic year. We are now gearing up for the start of the Spring 2015 semester.  Of the 4,177 students admitted for the Spring, 1,349  met the priority deadline of November 12, 2014. 

2015 Plans

snowflake2 As you know, HCC is preparing for our decennial SACS accreditation review.  The SSEM writing team is preparing its first draft.  Members of the team include: Dr. Jennifer Dale, Dr. LeRodrick Terry, Tierra Smith, Kayla Bannister, Judy Alicea and Dr. Ken Ray


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