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SSEM Update

Dec. 2015 Edition

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Vice President's Message  - Dr. Ken Ray, Jr. 

Ken Ray

We believe it is important to create a flexible and supportive experience for students to enroll in college. After this fall’s registration, we commissioned a Student “Onboarding Team” to develop methods for students to experience a convenient and knowledgeable path to registration. Effective for the spring 2016 registration, all new students have the convenience of participating in new student orientation online, attending an online or in-person registration workshop, and connecting with an advisor. Our goal is to put people ahead of processes and to promote a more supportive enrollment environment so that we never need to turn a student away because of a missed enrollment process step.  We are committed to working with students to help them register and will provide supplemental support after registration.

The Onboarding Team believes that additional support for First Time in College (FTIC) students is important, so they developed a plan to expand the enrollment process to include follow-up contacts or visits with an academic advisor throughout students’ first semester. Within the first two to three weeks after classes begin, academic advisors will contact students to inquire about their progress in classes and offer assistance.    Later in the semester, academic advisors will reach-out to First Time in College (FTIC) students again to offer assistance with educational planning and course selection for future semesters. We expect that the Advisor Reach-Out plan will enhance  opportunities for advisors to connect with individual students and form lasting relationships that will help students stay connected to the college.

I would like to thank Joe Bentrovato, Christine Legner, Julie White, Michelle Beaubian, Betty Doyle, Maribel Garrett, Laurie Ragsdale, Jennifer Dale, Jason Wilson, Julia Coccaro, Karla Solis, Star Schmidt, Yaima Serrano, Rich Cervetti, Sheila McCants, Nicole Hamilton and Peter Panoulias for their contributions to this plan.  The plan received significant support from the President’s Cabinet and I am excited about how we are enhancing our efforts to support student enrollment and success.


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