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SSEM Update

Spring 2016 Edition

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Commencement Update - Friday, May 6, 2016

Commencement Day Reminders:mortar board
7 am – Doors open
9 am– Graduates begin lining up
9:30 am – Processional begins
ALL graduates must be in the Expo Hall and lined up by 9:30 am

For the enjoyment of everyone attending commencement, please encourage  graduates to read the Commencement Ceremony Guidelines .  

Awards & Recognition 

Kudos to our SSS Program!  At the recent TRI-State Conference of TRIO Professionals  held in Savannah, Georgia TRIO Awardsthree staff members from Hillsborough Community College (L-R Ms. Teresa Rowe, Mr. Derrick Brown and Ms. Doreen Shillingford)  received outstanding service awards and recognitions for ten, twenty and five years of service respectively to TRIO.  Additionally, Mr. Brown received a special award from Mrs. Lori Livingston, the President of Florida Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (FAEOPP) for outstanding service, contribution and leadership to the FAEOPP organization.  (Click the image to enlarge)
Additionally, the College’s TRIO/SSS Program will receive an increase in its base funding effective September 1, 2016 for its FY 2017 allocation.  The new funding will be $327,270 per annum instead of $317,738.  This will represent a departmental total of $1.626m inflow of federal grant funds under the Student Support Services Program to the College for the 2015-2020 cycle.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month 

Alcohol abuse is prevalent with many demographic groups and is the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States.  People who abuse alcohol can be:

* College students who binge drink at local bars
* Pregnant women who drink and put their babies at risk for fetal alcohol syndrome
* Professionals who drink after a long day of work
* Senior citizens who drink out of loneliness

Some of the most common warning signs are:

* Hiding your drinking habits
* Drinking as a way to relax
* Neglecting your responsibilities at home, work, or school because of your drinking
* Continuing to drink even when it  causes problems in your relationships

HCC strives to maintain an environment that promotes the health and safety of the community and the responsible choices and behaviors of the College community concerning the use of alcohol and drugs. Visit our Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program webpage if you would like additional information.

Testing Update 

Effective February 5, 2016, the Florida Department of Education and McCann Associates/College Success revised the testing policy for all Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) administration. This was done to align the “National 6.6 Standards” for educational “Testing1”. In addition, the assessment policy states test takers must complete the test the same day and changes will have minimal effect on test takers. It also ensures the integrity of test scores and minimizes the possibility of breaches in security.  Please contact your campus Test Center if you have any questions.

Collegiate 100 & HOPE Scholars

The Annual Collegiate 100 and HOPE Scholars Award Dinner was held on April 15, 2016 at the Italian Club of Tampa.   Collegiate 100 (C-100) is an auxiliary organization of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. International Brand.  Male and female students who are in academic good standing and have a passion to mentor and deliver community service are eligible to become members. HOPE Scholars is a program designed to improve retention, graduation and the four year college transfer rate of African American and Hispanic males. Check out the photo album from this event.


Visit HCC Student Services & Enrollment Management at: www.hccfl.edu/ssem.aspx