Connect with an Advisor 

The second step in the Orientation and Registration process at HCC is to Connect with an Academic Advisor.  It is important that you do this after completing the mandatory online Welcome Orientation which provides basic information about HCC and prepares you to Connect with an Academic Advisor. Advising is provided on a walk-in basis; no appointment is needed to Connect with an Academic Advisor.

During the Advisor Connection, the advisor will:
• Review test scores (if needed)
• Review previous college coursework
• Recommend any testing needed for enrollment
• Review your intended degree requirements
• Recommend first semester course choices
• Provide or schedule Registration information

What should you provide to Connect with the Academic Advisor?
**Unofficial college/university transcripts, which are already opened, can be used for advising purposes. A photo ID is always required when speaking or meeting with Student Services staff.
First-time college students should provide:
• copies of any PERT, ACT, SAT, AP or IB scores
• GED transcripts (not diploma), if applicable

Former HCC students returning after more than a year should provide:
• official or unofficial copies of any college coursework taken since attending HCC
• copies of any CLEP scores taken since attending HCC

Students transferring to HCC from other colleges/universities should provide:
• official or unofficial copies of any college coursework taken
• copies of any CLEP scores taken

Non-degree-seeking students should provide:
• unofficial copies of any college coursework taken to verify meeting pre-requisites for intended HCC coursework

After Connecting with an Academic Advisor, you’ll be cleared to complete the Registration Workshop, which will teach you how to search and register for classes, along with many other HawkNet Web Advisor tools. 
Former HCC students, transfer students and non-degree-seeking students may complete the Registration Workshop online. The advisor will give you Registration Workshop access information.
First-time college students will complete the Registration Workshop in person. The advisor will schedule the date and time and provide you with reminder information.
**Make sure you bring the advisor materials that you received from the advisor to the Registration Workshop.  Although you will be allowed to attend and complete the Registration Workshop requirement; it will be difficult to register for classes at the Registration Workshop if you do not have your advisor materials with you.