New Enrollment Steps - Frequently Asked Questions


1. I just applied to HCC.  What are my next steps?

Register your NetID.  This will enable you to access the Welcome Orientation, check your Hawkmail email account for important messages, monitor Financial Aid status, and register for classes. 

Access the Welcome Orientation at This is a mandatory online introduction to HCC which will include academic information, paying for college, support services and lots more. This Orientation must be completed before connecting with an Advisor.

Secure your college funding.  Now is also the time to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if you’re pursuing Financial Aid.  Go to to complete the Federal Financial Aid application.

Request official high school or GED scores and previous college transcripts. Request official high school or GED scores and previous college transcripts to complete your enrollment process.

Connect with an Academic Advisor.  Advising is provided on a walk-in basis. Make sure you bring any appropriate test scores and/or previous college transcripts. Unofficial college transcripts can be used for advising purposes.

Welcome Orientation

2. How do I schedule the Welcome Orientation?
You do not need to schedule the orientation.  You can begin as soon as you receive your HCC NetID in your acceptance email. The Welcome Orientation is completely online at

3. How long does the Welcome Orientation take to complete?
The Welcome Orientation takes approximately 60-75 minutes to complete.  It doesn’t have to be done all at one time and students can log out and log back in where they left off to complete.

4.  What will I learn in the Welcome Orientation?
Students will receive a welcome to HCC including general information about campus locations, academic information (programs), paying for college, support services, student life, and lots more. During the Welcome Orientation, students will also receive help with using their college email account and checking their financial aid status. Throughout the Welcome Orientation, students can create their own customized dashboard of resources for future use.

5.  What is the website for the Welcome Orientation online?
The Welcome Orientation can be completed online at

6.  How do I complete the Welcome Orientation?
The Welcome Orientation can only be completed online at The Welcome Orientation can only be completed on a desktop computer, laptop, and/or a tablet device.  The Welcome Orientation cannot be completed on a smartphone.

7.  Do I need anything to start the Welcome Orientation online?
You will need to know your HCC NetID to log in to the Welcome Orientation. NetID information can be found in your acceptance email and on the NetID webpage.

8.  When will I connect with an advisor?
After completing the Welcome Orientation online, you will have a better understanding of general HCC information and are able to connect with an advisor.  This will make you better prepared and ask more focused questions getting the most from your advising session.

9.  Can I connect immediately after completing the Welcome Orientation with an advisor?
Yes, student services staff have access to verify your completion of the Welcome Orientation.

Registration Workshop

10. How do I schedule a Registration Workshop?
Registration Workshops are only scheduled after connecting with an advisor.

11. When will I be able to register for classes?
Upon completion of this Registration Workshop, students will be able to register for classes.

12.   What will I learn in the Registration Workshop?
During the Registration Workshop, there will be a review of your advising session including recommended courses for registration.  You will also learn about academic policies and academic support services available to students.  The Workshop will conclude with a live demonstration of WebAdvisor, the student registration system. 

13.  Can I attend a Registration Workshop at any campus?
Yes, students are free to attend a Registration Workshop at the location most convenient to them. 

14. Can I complete the Registration Workshop online?
Transfer students, non-degree seeking students, and former students returning will be given access to complete the Registration Workshop online.  All first time in college students will be scheduled for an on-campus Registration Workshop. 

15.  If I complete the Registration Workshop online, how soon will I be able to register for classes?
Upon completion of your Registration Workshop online, student services staff will be notified and you will be cleared to register within 24-48 hours.

16.  How long does the Registration Workshop take to complete?
The Registration Workshop lasts approximately 1.5 hours and will include registering for your first semester of classes.  The in-person Registration Workshop will last approximately 2 hours.

17.   What do I need to bring with me when I attend a Registration Workshop on campus?
When you attend the Registration Workshop, you must bring all advising materials (advising guide, etc…) and recommended courses with you.  You must also bring valid photo identification.
**If you do not bring the advising materials with you to the Registration Workshop, you will be able to attend, but it will be difficult to assist you with the registration of classes.**

18. Can I bring guests with me to the Registration Workshop?
Due to limited seating, the Registration Workshops are for students only.  All guests may return at the completion of the workshop.

19.   How can I reschedule my Registration Workshop?
Should you need to reschedule your EXISTING Registration Workshop, go to this page:

20.  Can I adjust my classes I registered for during the Registration Workshop?
Yes, you will be able to change days, times, campus locations, through the end of the add/drop period for that specific class.  You can login to your WebAdvisor account and adjust classes on a space available basis.

21. After being cleared for the online Registration Workshop by an advisor, what website do I go to complete?
You will log into the same website ( and you will see three remaining modules to complete. The advisor will clear you and give you access to complete the Registration Workshop. You will also see the seven modules (Welcome Orientation) that you have already completed.