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Harassment, Including Sexual Harassment

Hillsborough Community College does not and will not tolerate harassment of our students, employees, applicants, customers, or vendors. The term "harassment" includes, but is not limited to, slurs, jokes and other verbal, graphic or physical conduct relating to an individual's sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, race, national origin, color, age, religion (including unwelcome religious persuasion), disability, marital or other protected status.

Sexual harassment involves unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature which interfere with the ability of others to work or obtain an education. Both males and females can become victims of sexual harassment.

All students and employees are covered by this policy and are strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of harassing conduct.

Employees may not threaten or imply that submission to or rejection of sexual advances will influence any decision regarding employment, enrollment, attendance or grades. Any violation will result in disciplinary action. HCC has the right to apply any sanction(s) to deal with unacceptable conduct.

Consenting sexual relationships between faculty and student or supervisor and employee are discouraged.

Each employee and student is responsible for enforcing HCC’s policy prohibiting harassment and for communicating that policy to others.

If you believe you are being harrassed...
Be sure that the conduct you find offensive is harassment.

Be sure that the offender(s) knows that you find the conduct offensive. Say “NO.” Make it clear that you mean “NO” and not “maybe.”

Keep a record of dates, places, times and witnesses.

Do not allow harassment to jeopardize your rights and opportunities for work or education.

Report the incident to the campus Dean of Student Services or HCC’s Equity Office. An investigation will be conducted. If the investigation confirms the allegations, appropriate corrective action will be promptly taken which will result in disciplinary action. To the extent possible by law, sexual harassment complaints will be treated confidentially and the rights of each party protected during the investigation.