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Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Instructors shall recruit (designate) for evacuation purposes students from their classes to assist students who use wheelchairs or other restrictive devices, or who have disabilities that seriously restrict mobility.

  • If voluntary assistance cannot be provided for a particular student, then that student should notify the Security Office, and the Campus Dean of Student Services.

  • As a secondary means, emergency evacuation chairs (Evacu-Chairs) are located at the top of stair landings in most buildings with two or more floors. The chairs are to be used by trained personnel as a safe means of evacuating disabled persons.

  • All HCC facilities which do not have scheduled after-hours activities are generally locked at the end of the work day.

  • The District Office closes at 5 pm; campuses close at 10 pm. Many labs and buildings also have electronically monitored security systems.

  • HCC complies with the Florida Indoor Clean Air Act. Smoking is not permitted in any college building, enclosed hallway, or areas adjacent to exit and entrance doors.

  • If you have three walls around you and you can’t see the sky overhead, you are in a non-smoking area.

  • Please keep your college safe and clean by insuring that smoking materials are fully extinguished and discarded in proper receptacles.