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Sexual Assault
HCC Policy and Procedures
Sexual assault and any attempt to commit sexual assault are serious criminal offenses that will not be tolerated by HCC. The term “sexual assault,” is commonly used to include such criminal offenses as sexual battery, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, severe types of sexual harassment and other offenses of this nature, including instances of assault and battery.

A sexual assault incident or attempted sexual assault either on College property, on adjacent property, or at a College-sponsored or related event, should be immediately reported to a Campus Security Officer. Immediate reporting is necessary to preserve evidence for the proof of a criminal offense. If the student wishes, HCC personnel may be contacted to assist in notifying the authorities. In turn, the incident will be immediately reported to a local law enforcement agency. An internal investigation will be conducted and it will in no way obstruct the investigation being conducted by local law enforcement. If requested by the student and reasonably available, HCC will change a victim’s academic schedule after an alleged sex offense.

College staff will assist and cooperate with local law enforcement with the investigation. Sexual assault incidents will be uniformly handled by the College in a confidential manner to the extent allowed by law and in accordance with administrative procedure.

Crisis Management Committee
HCC maintains a Crisis Management Committee that will respond to crises including sexual assaults that may occur. The committee will work directly with local law enforcement to assist with the investigation solely on an as needed basis and/or if requested by the agency. The Committee will also establish a cooperative environment for the local law enforcement agency to provide the agency assistance dealing with students, parents and staff regarding the incident and any concerns that may surface.