SSEM Mission, Vision & Values Statement

Student Services supports Hillsborough Community College’s one-college philosophy and its commitment to learning by designing and implementing consistent, comprehensive, high quality programs and services at every campus that provide students with the tools to become responsible, self-motivated, independent learners capable of defining and reaching academic, career, and personal goals.

Student Services provides district-wide leadership that assists Hillsborough Community College to develop a realistic picture of current and future students, identify and design support services to help students succeed, and remove barriers that prevent these students from defining and reaching their academic, career, and personal goals.

1. Accountability: Building a culture that is data-driven and outcomes oriented
2. Civility: Creating collegial work environments based on mutual respect, open communication, trust, and teamwork
3. Collaboration: Working with college and community partners to help HCC fulfill its mission
4. Excellence: Using excellence as a yardstick to measure programs, people, and services
5. Future-Focused: Designing programs and services to meet ever-changing student, faculty, college, and community needs
6. Inclusiveness: Assisting HCC to create a culture where everyone is valued
7. Innovation: Continually searching for creative ways to support learning, respond to faculty and student needs, and address day-to-day challenges
8. Integrity: Aligning programs and practices with the core values of the college and the ethical principles of the student services profession
9. Learning-Centered: Recognizing that student services plays a significant role in preparing students to learn, supporting and facilitating learning, and assisting students to apply what they have learned

1. Student services provides programs and services that support five of HCC’s General Education outcomes for students
a. Ability to think critically
b. Ability to express themselves clearly in written and oral communication
c. Ability to understand and appreciate the value and significance of culture
d. Ability to understand global political, social, economic, and historical perspectives
e. Ability to use technology to access, retrieve, process, and communicate information
2. Student services provides programs and services that support three additional outcomes for students
a. Ethics: Ability to define and commit to standards of personal and professional integrity that embrace an understanding of and respect for the beliefs of others
b. Creative Problem Solving: Ability to gather data; evaluate career, educational and personal alternatives; analyze long and short-term consequences associated with each alternative; and make informed, reality-based decisions
c. Responsibility, Self Awareness, and Self Advocacy: Ability to understand and accept responsibility for one’s actions; to recognize, accept, and act in accordance with expectations and commitments; and to identify and access the support needed to succeed in college