American Medical Student Association - AMSA
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The AMSA Pre-Health Chapter—i3 Initiative: Informs, Inspires & Ignites!

• INFORMS you about you about health-professional schools, health careers and being a competitive professional school applicant!
• INSPIRES you to achieve academic excellence & personal health!
• IGNITES you to advocate for health care issues that you are passionate about!!
AMSA Purpose: To inspire a community of future physicians and health professionals through education and advocacy.

AMSA’s Mission: The American Medical Student Association is committed to improving health care and healthcare delivery to all people; promoting active involvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine.

AMSA’S Strategic Priorities:
• Quality, Affordable Health Care For All
• Global Health Equity
• Enriching Medicine Through Diversity
• Professional Integrity, Development, and Student Well Being

HCC AMSA PHC Priorities:
1. To host guest speakers to provide information about health professional schools (programs, requirements, and application process) and life as a health professional.
2. To develop a peer support group for pre-health professional students that provides academic, ethical and moral support among fellow students.
3. To provide community service and volunteer opportunities for students that support health related issues.
4. To provide opportunities for members to advocate for specific health issues, personal health and the health of the community.
5. To provide a mentoring program with students currently in health professional schools & HCC faculty.
6. To provide travel opportunities to tour health professional schools and attend local & national pre-health professional conferences/events.
7. To create opportunities for local and national leadership and for working in conjunction with the Student Government Association (SGA).