CLEP - College Level Examination Program

What is the CLEP?
The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program. More than 2,900 accredited institutions of higher education award credit for satisfactory scores on CLEP exams. CLEP offers a way to receive credit for "what you know."

Taking CLEP exams can shorten the time it takes to earn your degree, can allow you to skip general introductory courses, and can even satisfy a proficiency requirement by demonstrating that you've already mastered the content. CLEP exams can reduce the number of courses you need to graduate, saving hundreds of dollars in tuition.

What CLEP exams are available?
There are about 33 CLEP exams available to you which cover the more traditional college subject areas. Several of the English exams require an essay. Look at our list of CLEP exams and see if you can get on the fast track to a degree!

How Do I Register for the CLEP?
CLEP testing is available to the public. Area residents may pick up information for the test at any Hillsborough Community College Campus Test Center. The CLEP fee is $85.00 (per test).  The CLEP fee is no longer collected at the Bursar’s office.  All examinees must now go to the CLEP website to register to take a specific CLEP exam.  This process includes paying the $85.00 test fee.  There is also a $20.00 Test Center Fee (PER TEST) payable to HCC at the Cashier's Office.   

Where is the CLEP test administered?
The CLEP tests are given on all campuses except Ybor City. Please contact the campus where you wish to test for an appointment 

Can I retake the CLEP exam?
CLEP exams may be retaken every three months. Fees remain the same.

Who CAN take the CLEP exam?

  • A student is eligible to take a CLEP exam as long as he/she is not currently enrolled in the course they would like to CLEP.
  • A student who has completed a course and earned a grade of "D" or "F" is eligible for CLEP credit in a subsequent semester.
  • A student who has withdrawn or dropped a course is eligible for CLEP credit the following semester. 

Who CANNOT take the CLEP exam? 

  • A student who is currently enrolled in a course cannot attempt CLEP credit for that course.

How do I prepare for the CLEP exams?
The College Board has available study guides containing descriptions of all CLEP exams, sample exam questions and answers, test-taking strategies, and general information about credit by exams. For more information about CLEP go to
How are CLEP exams scored?
Candidates will not be penalized for wrong answers; only correct responses will be counted toward the final score. Click here to view required test scores.

When will I get my test results?
You will receive your official candidate score report upon completion of the exam unless you have taken College Composition, which may take up to six weeks to be scored.