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First Week Learning Principles Announcement

Email to Ybor City Students on November 14, 2007

Hello Ybor City Campus Students:

My name is Dr. Shawn Robinson and I am your new Ybor City Campus President. I ask that you take a few minutes to read a little about part of the vision for HCC's Ybor City Campus - a concept I am calling First Week.

After many discussions with and much input from faculty, staff, administrators, and students, I pieced together First Week. First Week is not designed to be a new set of rules or a new program, but rather a way of thinking 150 culture of responsibility. This culture centers on everyone at the campus taking an active role in student learning.

I envision HCC's Ybor City Campus to be a place for everyone to learn how to be better people, better citizens, better leaders, better employees, and better learners. It shouldn't (and honestly, it doesn't) matter what employees are "paid to do" at the college, because we are all here to support, enhance, and reinforce the learning process for students.

So, students, let's envision a campus where you are prepared to learn on the first day of class and where your faculty members are prepared to teach you on the first day of class, and if the first class ends even a minute short, the faculty and students feel a deep sense of loss.

Imagine a system in which prospective students are not only aware of the online resources of the college, but those resources are part of every course, not just used to register for classes. Imagine a place where everyone shares ways to help students get ready for the first day of class and works together on helping the students succeed in the classroom. Imagine a place where both the students and faculty have expectations for each other.

Students, you should expect your faculty to guide you in the ways of sound learning. Students, you should expect to do more on the first day of class than just review the syllabus. Students, you should expect to starting on Day 1 and you should be ready on Day 1. Students, you should expect success and that our systems are designed to help you learn how to become and remain successful.

To help our campus along on this path, I have created a website with the First Week Learning Principles. It is not an exhaustive list and nor are the principles in any order of priority. However, these principles will help us with each other in a more consistent manner that is focused on the entire learning experience.

Thanks for your hard work in keeping HCC a place where lives are changed for the better.

Dr. Shawn H. Robinson
Ybor City Campus President