Online Textbook Ordering

Online Ordering Steps

Follow the below steps to order your textbooks online and have them shipped directly to your house or to an HCC Bookstore for in-store pick-up.

  1. If you have already registered for classes, you can get a list of your textbooks by clicking 'My Textbooks' in the MyHCC portal. From there, you can start at step 5 below. If you want to search by course, go to the online course material finder page. It is recommended that you have a copy of your class schedule while ordering textbooks. 
  2. Select Create Account to register if you have not previously done so.
  3. Select the term you are ordering for.
  4. You will then be asked to:
    • Select your course department prefix (ACG, CGS, etc.),
    • Select your course number (2021, 1000, etc.) and section/instructor.
  5. Once you have selected all your courses, select View Your Materials. You will see the textbook(s) used for your courses. Select the textbooks you want and add them to your cart and select Continue Checkout.
  6. Select payment option and how you would like to receive your order (In-store pickup or Shipped). Enter your credit card number or HCC Student ID number for financial aid. Once you make your payment selection, follow the steps presented to you. 
    • Please note that students using financial aid will need their order to be equal or less than the available credit. If the order is above the credit available your order will be canceled. Please view your Account Summary in MyHCC Self-Service, and refer to our Important Dates web page for credit limits based on the number of credits that you are enrolled.
  7. The Bookstore will make every attempt to fill your order and ship the following business day. 
    • Please note that the Bookstore is closed on Saturday and Sunday, so orders placed after the store closes on Friday will be processed and shipped the following Monday.
    • If you are taking classes at multiple campuses you will have to pickup at multiple campuses or, if shipped to your home, they will come in multiple shipments.

Additional Information

Please note that the information below is valid only through the Summer 2022 term. For information that applies after Summer 2022, please visit the new online bookstore site.