Textbook Buyback

The buyback information below applies only to the Summer 2022 term. 

The HCC Bookstores operates a textbook buyback program that allows students to sell their textbooks back to the Bookstore. The HCC Bookstores have set a goal to increase the quantity of used condition textbooks available for sale to students. In an effort to achieve this goal and encourage all students to sell their textbooks back to the Bookstore, the HCC Bookstores will purchase any textbook, which is eligible for the Textbook Buyback program, for 50% of its retail price.

Unfortunately, NOT all textbooks are eligible for the Textbook Buyback program. Reasons a textbook may not be eligible include:

  • The textbook is not adopted for a class being taught the following semester.
  • The textbook has a consumable component. (Ex. access software, perforated pages, etc.)
  • The textbook is sold as a package, all components in the package are required for a course and one or more of the components of the package are consumable.
  • The textbook is damaged and is not in resalable condition.

In an effort to increase the number of books purchased from students, the HCC Bookstore invites national textbook wholesaler companies into their store at the beginning and end of each semester. These companies offer to buy textbooks from students that are not being bought by the HCC Bookstore. The prices they offer to students are based on the demand for the textbook on a national level. These national textbook wholesalers usually pay students less than 50% of the retail price.

REMEMBER: Buyback operations are done at the BEGINNING and END of each semester. Please view the homepage of the HCC Bookstore website for upcoming dates and times.