Disciplinary Measures

One or more of the following disciplinary measures may be imposed upon students found to have violated the Code of Student Conduct.

1. Expulsion – Permanent dismissal from HCC.

2. Interim Suspension – Suspension from HCC for up to 10 days. The Dean of Student Services may assign an interim suspension to students whose conduct he/she determines to present a continuing threat to the college community (student, staff, faculty) or to the academic process. The student must be officially notified of the interim suspension and the violation charges. The student will be provided an opportunity to refute the charges with the Dean of Student Services within the interim suspension period.

3. Suspension – Separation from HCC for a specified period.

4. Disciplinary Probation – Loss of participation in extracurricular activities, athletics, and/or holding an office in student organizations, for a specified time and period.

5. Restitution – The obligation to replace or pay for damaged property or to compensate for losses incurred, because of the violation.

6. Loss of Privileges – Temporary revocation of privileges such as driving on campus, use of the cafeteria, library-borrowing privileges, or attending athletic events; restricted access to defined locations on campus; suspension or loss of parking privileges; or restriction or loss of housing at Hawks Landing, visitation privileges to Hawks Landing, or guest privileges to residents of Hawks Landing, etc.

7. Disciplinary Censure – Written warning to the student with copy to student file for having engaged in misconduct.

8. Performance of Conciliatory Act – If the student and HCC are mutually agreeable and if circumstances of the violation and the student’s attitude so warrant, a disposition may be made that will avoid imposition of a sanction yet will require some conciliatory act by the student evidencing a positive attitude toward his/her conduct in the future. 

Examples include:

  •  Behavioral counseling.
  •  Voluntary withdrawal with opportunity to resume studies at a later time, and with a plan for the interim period.
  •  Performance of some service for the College in mitigation of harm caused by misconduct.