Faculty Resources and Information

Welcome to the newest community and classroom facility of Hillsborough Community College. You play a large and important role in creating and maintaining a student-centered, learning focused academic and campus environment. We appreciate and support you and hope that your experience with us is professionally fulfilling and personally satisfying.


Syllabus Information:

  • Template: Course Faculty are to use the HCC Syllabus Template for course materials.
  • Review: At the start of each semester, Faculty are directed to submit their course syllabus to their respective Academic Dean for review. For instructors @The Regent, please forward syllabi to BRSyllabi@hccfl.edu.

Office Hours: Course Faculty teaching at The Regent are expected to schedule and maintain office hours at The Regent. This is for classes being taught at The Regent and should not be combined with office hours for classes being taught at other HCC campuses or other institutions. Shared office space is available and faculty are also welcome to use any empty and available classroom.

Scantron: HCC @The Regent has our own Scantron Scoring Machine for your convenience.

Photocopying and Printing: The Regent has a standard multi-purpose printer/copier for your use. However, we ask that any large print jobs be sent to Campus Services in the Brandon campus mailroom. Please send requests for larger print jobs to BR-Duplication@hccfl.edu.

Parking: The Regent is a multi-use facility and as such there may be times when parking is at a premium due to events taking place on the upper level of the building. Otherwise, park wherever you please.

Computer Lab (BCAC 109): This general purpose 28 seat computer lab is available for your use. Please let the staff know if you would like to reserve it for a particular class period or student assignment.

Multi-Purpose Space (BCAC 100): Adjacent to the classrooms is a 3400 square foot flexible space with dry-erase boards and a video screen. When available, this space can be utilized for class or student assignments.

The following links provide access to important information: