Frequently Asked Questions about HCC @ The Regent.

Q: Where is HCC @ The Regent Located?
A: We are located at 6437 Watson Road in Riverview. We are directly across from Symmes Elementary School
and just South of the Winthrop Town Center shopping plaza.

Q: How is The Regent affiliated with Hillsborough Community College?
A: Hillsborough Community College (HCC) owns the building and maintains classrooms and computer labs
in the lower level. The Regent is a satellite location of the HCC Brandon campus.

Q: How do I find out what classes are offered at The Regent?
A: Search for classes using the Search Sections website. For "Location" choose HCC @ The Regent. The HCC building designation for this facility is BCAC.

Q: How do I apply to Hillsborough Community College and register for classes?
A: Visit the HCC Enrollment website to begin the process.

Q: Can High School Students take Dual Enrollment classes at The Regent?
A: Yes. In fact, a core mission of HCC @ The Regent is to encourage high school students from the Brandon, Progress Village, Riverview and Valrico areas to get a jump start on their college careers through Dual Enrollment.
Additional Dual Enrollment information is available via the Hillsborough County Public Schools website.

Q: Does HCC @The Regent have a bookstore?
A: No. As a satellite of the Brandon Campus, students are directed to the Bookstore on the Brandon Campus.

Q: How do I access student services?
A: As a satellite location to the HCC Brandon Campus, students must access student services at the Brandon Campus.

Q: May I use the computer lab even though I am not taking classes at The Regent?
A: Yes. Just like any other HCC campus, students are welcome to make use of campus resources whether you are taking classes at this location or another.

Q: Does The Regent have WiFi?
A: Yes. The Regent is connected to the HCC wifi network. Students, faculty, staff and guests have access.

Q: Can I register for classes as a non-degree-seeking student?
A: Yes. You will follow the same procedures as degree-seeking students, but you will not be eligible for financial assistance, veteran’s benefits, or other benefits.

Q: Is there a tuition waiver for Senior Citizens?
A: Yes. Florida residents who are at least sixty (60) years of age may audit classes free of charge at any HCC campus or academic facility.

Q: Can I take continuing education courses at The Regent?
A: Yes. HCC @ The Regent hosts classes developed by the Institute for Corporate and Continuing Education.

Q: Can non-profit organizations or for-profit businesses make use of the classrooms and computer labs?
A: Yes. Classroom space is available for rental uses such as meetings, trainings, workshops, etc. Please refer to HCC @ The Regent Classroom Rental Information for complete details.

Q: If classrooms are in the lower level, what is going on in the upper level? 
A: The upper level of the building is leased by a private organization that rents out space for weddings, corporate functions, meetings, parties and other private as well as public affairs.