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Welcome to the Ybor City Campus!  

This webpage is to help keep you informed of upcoming events and important information about the campus and the college. It will also provide you with helpful resources and links about policies and procedures, technology, and faculty development opportunities.

For the latest Ybor City Campus Adjunct Faculty Handbook please click here!   

Lockers are available for adjunct faculty in two campus buildings! Call David Liller at 259-6472 to reserve yours for spring! Lockers are located in the FAC lobby (#'s 1-18), and in on the second floor of the ADMIN. Bldg.(#'s 19-28). 

Adjunct Faculty Office Spaces and Lounges

  • Faculty Resource Center - YADM 202 - Second Floor
  • "Satellite" Faculty Resource Center - YLRC 306
  • Faculty Lounge YFAC 224
  • Faculty/Staff Break Rooms: YADM 206, YPAB 104 and YBOR 112
  • Please call 253-7572 for the keypad codes, or Public Safety, 253-7911, for access
Important Contact Numbers
  • HCC Help Desk: 253-7000
  • Evening/Weekend assistance - Contact Public Safety/Security: - 253-7911
  • Ybor City Campus Security:  253-7911
  • Security Cell Number:  220-7032
  • Technical Assistance: Chuck Bowen 253-7736

A Thought for the Day...

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” - Jesse Owens, Olympic Champion.

See the short motivational video "212 degrees" - perfect for the classroom.


Professional Development

Try this to get your students engaged as soon as they walk into your class:

  • White Paper excerpt - "First Day of Class Activity: The Interest Inventory."  This activity is designed as an "ice breaker" to help acquaint you with your class.  See the link here, Faculty Focus

Faculty Resources

  • Manuals/Handbooks
        • PDF Version - can be downloaded and saved 
  • Development