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Campus Adjunct Handbook

Fall 2015 Adjunct Faculty Meeting

  Friday, October 23 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Ybor Room (Ybor Building) 

Faculty Resource Center Open for Faculty Use!

The Faculty Resource Center on the second floor of YADM is now finished.  The center features an expanded computer/work area for use by our adjunct faculty, a private meeting room, and a large training/meeting room for webinars, workshops and conferences. 


In light of the recent legislative changes in Bright Futures and Pell Grants, and Hillsborough Community College's ongoing commitment to Academic Integrity, it has been suggested that faculty consider including the following brief statements in their syllabi and reviewing it with your students.

Paying Back Money: Students who have received financial aid this semester should not drop or withdraw from this class without first talking with someone in the financial aid department. Dropping or withdrawing may require you to repay the financial aid you received for this class, including all federal and state aid,  both grants and loans. This is especially true for Bright Futures and Pell Grant recipients.

Academic Integrity:  Students who demonstrate academic integrity use their own thoughts and efforts when performing academic work and acknowledge any contributions or collaboration.  Academic integrity is critical to Hillsborough Community College's mission, vision, and vaules, and it is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, and students of the college.  Each person must consciously choose to uphold this important and vital responsibility.  Students who engage in academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, collusion, cheating, or other acts of dishonesty, will be subject to academic penalites, including but not limited to, no credit or reduced credit for an assignment or an exam, a reduced or failing final grade, or suspension or dismissal from the college.