Computer Lab

Professor Mike Rabaut,  Ybor City Campus

Computer Science          


Mr. Rabaut holds a BS degree in Physics and a MS degree in Engineering Science from the University Of South Florida and has been teaching in the areas of physical and Computer science since 1969.

In 1993 he established the first HCC Internet connection and developed the first community college website in the state of Florida, a system he enhanced and maintained until 2000.  He presently specializes in the areas of computer science focusing on programming logic, programming languages, network design and web design.

You can contact Mr. Rabaut in his office at 1-813-253-7614 or by e-mail at



Associate Professor Ian Gibbons,  Ybor City Campus

Computer Science   


Ian Gibbons is presently an instructor of computer science at Hillsborough Community College (HCC).

Mr. Gibbons has more than 25 years of information technology experience with a broad range of technical and managerial experience. During his career he has made significant contributions to business objectives in the following areas: Applications Development Management, IT Education, and IT Operations and Network Support.

Prior to joining HCC, Mr. Gibbons held senior leadership positions with Lucent Technologies. In his last position at Lucent he served as CIO for Real Estate, Law, Intellectual Property and other Corporate Centers, responsible for translating high-level strategic initiatives into application architectures and or projects that met customer requirements on a timely basis. He supported, managed and coached a highly productive staff of information systems professionals in the development and maintenance of client/server and Web applications. At AT&T’s Technical Education Center Ian held positions as a technical education manager and instructor in their data communications and programming curriculums.

Hobbies: Reading and Travel


You can contact Mr. Gibbons in his office at 1-813-253-7577 or by e-mail at


Lab Supervisor Rose Randsay,  Ybor City Campus

Computer Science Department



  • Graduate of HCC
  • Bachelors in Computer Information Systems from Saint Leo University
  • Currently working towards my Masters

Work Experience

  • Federal Work-study Student ,  Ybor Open computer lab in Jan. 2000
  • Currently Supervisor Ybor  Open computer lab


  • Spending quality  time with my family
  • Shopping
  • Relaxing


You can contact Mrs. Ramsay in the lab at 1-813-253-7616 or by e-mail at


Lab Technician Randal Hurst,  Ybor City Campus

Computer Science Department

  • HCC Graduate Class of 2003
  • Computer Hardware and Software Training
  • Currently enrolled at USF as an undergraduate student College of Education
  • Has been an employee of the Ybor Computer Science Department since 2000
  •  Former student assistant and part-time Lab Technician
  • Currently employed as  a full-time Lab assistant

Welcome to the Ybor Computer Science Department.


You can contact Mr. Hurst in the lab at 1-813-253-7616 or by e-mail at