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African-American History Month:  Chair - Cheryl Ward. Co-Chair - Shemeka McCray.  Plans events, with SGA, to honor Black History Month (February.)   

Campus Advisory Council (CAC): Chair - Rose Ramsey. Vice Chair - Patrick Cureton. The CAC provides advice and recommendations for action on campus matters to the Campus President. If an issue has college-wide impact,  the committee presents findings and recommendations to the Institutional Advisory Council (IAC) which considers items for possible submittal to the College President.  Meetings for the CAC are generally the first Friday of each month at 11am. Serving on the CAC also commits you to serving on the Institutional Advisory Council which meets on the first Friday of each month at 1 pm.  CAC members are elected from the classified and facilities staff, professional-managerial employees, faculty and the student body.

Campus Beautification Committee: Co-Chairs - Melissa Gonzalez-Lam and Josue Rey. The HCC-Ybor City Campus Beautification Committee, a sub-committee of the CAC, seeks to beautify the campus with a unique artistic sensibility through landscaping, improved cleanliness, and unified design elements in order to create an inviting environment that inspires learning and develops an increased awareness of Ybor City’s diverse cultural heritage.

Campus President's Community Advisory Council: The purpose of the community forum is to identify local groups and organization that play key roles in the success and growth of the HCC Ybor City Campus and to facilitate the flow of information and ideas.

Campus Learning Council: Co-chairs - Adonis Amparo and Steve Milhorn. The mission of the Campus Learning Council is to focus on improving student learning outcomes on the campus by developing proposals to increase student learning, student retention, and student completion rates.  The Council works with faculty to promote successful teaching strategies and faculty development.

Campus Planning Council: Co-chairs - Christina Acosta and Dove Wimbish. The mission of the Campus Planning Council is to focus on gathering and planning the implementation of campus unit plans and visioning items. The Council deliberates and makes implementation recommendations to the Ybor City Campus President regarding Ybor City Campus, except for solely academic and bargaining issues. Furthermore, the council prioritizes the implementations of plans; seeks resources to implement plans, and evaluates the success of the plans.

CARE Committee (Holiday food drive):  Co-Chair - Mark Sandag. The committee coordinates the holiday food drive for Metropolitan Ministries both at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Faculty-Staff Professional Development (F-SPD):  Chair - Steve Milhorn. The committee critiques requests for funding from the FSPD budget. 

HCC Foundation Liaison Committee: Campus Convener - Dave Liller. Campus Representatives - Ian Gibbons, Patricia Hines, Tracy Midulla, and Cheryl Ward. Identify volunteers for events, assist at fundraisers, solicit auction items, review mini-grants, and promote the internal campaign.

Heart Walk: Captain - Judy Nolasco. Annually, the American Heart Association hosts Heart Walks to bring awareness to heart disease and raise funds for research and treatment. HCC sponsors several teams each year for this healthy and festive way to visit with your colleagues and help a good cause. Join our Ybor City Campus team, The Sole of Ybor. (October / November).

Hispanic Heritage:  Chair - Faride Trujillo. Organizes events for the Hispanic Heritage month (October). 

International Festival:  Chair - Faride Trujillo. The festival takes place in April and includes a parade of flags ceremony, display of international artifacts and food tasting as well as international music and dance performances.

Dr. King Day Committee:  Chair - Vacant and SGA. Works on organizing the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration (January) and/or other campus and community events to honor Dr. King and his legacy.

Luz Lono Special Collections Steering Committee: Conveners: Jeremy Bullian, Jose Rodriquez, Jim DeMauro (HCC Volunteer), Rafael Fuentes (THHI Rep). Works with Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Library personnel, the HCC Foundation, and other community organizations to catalog, curate, organize, accept, loan, and identify cultural and archival pieces for the Luz Lono Special Collections Room in the Library.

Native American History Month:  Chair - Carolyn Kossar. Informs the campus on the many Native American tribes and salutes their  history (November).

Safety Committee: Co-Chairs - Jack Bish and Ralph Waithe. Works with campus faculty and staff on insuring the campus safety protocols are followed. The committee works to prevent workplace injuries, instill sound workplace safety and environmental practices, and insure proper training of faculty and staff on hazardous materials and workplace safety.

Sustainability Committee: Chair - Paul Rabaut. The mission of the Council is to transform Hillsborough Community College into a participating sustainable member of society. Through a partnership among students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members, we seek to establish and nurture an institutional culture of sustainability and promote excellence and leadership in education, innovation, and stewardship to achieve economic, social, and environmental sustainability that will ensure the health and well-being of present and future generations of people, both locally and globally.

Tenure Committee: Chair - Carol Zavarella. The campus tenure committee reviews Faculty Tenure submissions and makes recommendations regarding those seeking tenure.

Visual and Performing Arts Council: Chair - Suzy DeVore (President). Vice Chair - Tracy Midulla (Vice President). The purpose of the VAPA Council (VAPAC) is to review and make programming and procedural recommendations to the Academic Dean and Campus President regarding Visual and Performing Arts events, budgets, HCC Student Activity and other grant proposals, fundraising, VAB/PAB facility usage and VAB/PAB facility needs.

United Way: Co-Chairs - Tom Tankersley and Joseph Luc. The committee actively works to encourage employees to contribute to the United Way charity (October/November).

Women’s History Month: Chair - Vacant. Events to celebrate women during Women’s History Month (March).

Ybor City Campus Welcome Back Committee: Chair - Sarrah Conn. Vice Chair - Tom Tankersley. The Ybor City Campus hosts events to welcome new and returning students during the first few days of each Fall and Spring semesters by providing staffed information kiosks to answer student questions.  The Welcome Event Committee publicizes the event; develops, prints and distributes maps and flyers; arranges for table-set-up, decorating, catering; and hangs banners around the campus. The committee works with faculty, staff, and students to design ways to promote an enthusiastically welcoming return to the Fall and Spring terms.