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Ybor City Campus Customer Service Award Winners

Below are those Ybor City employees and offices who have made a difference in the lives of Ybor City students and their colleagues.

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Outstanding Staff Member of the Term

Summer 2009    Barbara Weeks - Housekeeping/Mailroom 

Fall 2009 (tie)

Fall 2009 (tie)


Charles "Candyman" Cone - Public Safety


A.J. DiLorenzo - Admissions, Records, Registration

Spring 2010   Christy Farbe - Testing Center
Summer 2010   Doris Evans - Child Development Center
Fall 2010   Randall Hurst - Open Computer Lab
Spring 2011   Adrian Nelson - Open Computer Lab
Fall 2011   Roy Johnson - Office of Information Technology
Fall 2012   Bridget Harris - Campus President's Office
Outstanding Instructor of the Term 
Summer 2009    Janice Sumner-Kenefeck - English
Fall 2009   Dexter Brock - Reading
Spring 2010   Susan Miletta - Biology
Summer 2010   Gwen Parsons - Education
Fall 2010   Carol Zavarella - Mathematics
Spring 2011   Ian Gibbons - Computer Science
Fall 2011   Terry Varvil - Mathematics
Fall 2012   Bert Rubini - Chemistry

Outstanding Office of the Term

Summer 2009   Campus Services
Fall 2009   Career Center
Spring 2010   Student Support Services
Summer 2010   Early Childhood Program
Fall 2010   Open Computer Lab
Fall 2011   Campus President's Office
Fall 2012   Academic Success Center


Staff Member of the Month

June 2009   Khang Dinh - Campus Services
July 2009   Leona Ward - Criminal Justice Institute
August 2009   Horace Ray - Facilities Maintenance
September 2009   Elizabeth Valdes - Academic Affairs
October 2009   LaShonda Randolph - Student Services
November 2009   Anita Wilson - Advising
December 2009   Cindy Green - Fire &  Law Enforcement Academies
January 2010   Rose Ramsey - Computer Lab Supervisor
February 2010   Shannon Farbe - Admissions and Records
March 2010   Margie Kelley - Admissions and Records
April 2010   Lorenzo Carswell - Reading & Writing Lab
May/June 2010   Betty Jenkins - Early Childhood Education
July 2010   Kevin Roberts - Sodexo Housekeeping
August 2010   Cindy Green - Fire &  Law Enforcement Academies
September 2010   Cassandra McCoy - Academic Affairs
October 2010   Victor Pagliari - Technical Programs Division
November 2010   Randall Hurst - Computer Lab Assistant
December 2010   No votes were cast.
January 2011   Keith Barry - Law Enforcement Coordinator
February 2011   Rick Still - Campus Services Supervisor
March 2011  

Bobby Bowden – Academic Advisor

April 2011   Chuck Bowen – Learning Resource Technician
January 2012   Jeanette Starks - Coordinator, Disability Services

Office of the Month

June 2009    Student Financial Aid 
July 2009   Security Guard Training Office
August 2009   Housekeeping/Sodexo
September 2009   Student Activities
October 2009   Student Support Services
November 2009   Library
December 2009   Child Development Center
January 2010   Mathematics Department
February 2010   Admissions, Records, and Registration
March 2010   Testing Center
April 2010   Tutorial Center
May/June 2010   No new department with majority
July 2010   Law Enforcement Academy
August 2010   Ybor City Campus Bookstore
September 2010   Open Computer Lab
October 2010   Art Department
November 2010   Campus Services / Mailroom
December 2010   No votes were cast
January 2011   No new department selected.
February 2011   Office for Students with Disabilities
March 2011   Reading and Writing Lab
April 2011   Bursar's Office