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Ybor City Campus President's

Community Advisory Council

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 5th at 11am in the Ybor Room.


Focus on connecting the greater Ybor City community to our campus and serve as a venue for an open dialogue between campus administration and the community-at-large.


Since July 2010, the Ybor City Campus has gathered individuals from the community who represent not just the Ybor City community, but wider community that  have an interest in HCC and the Ybor City Campus. Members of the Council represent local businesses, government, neighborhood associations, civic organizations, corporate partners, and educational institutions. These semi-annual meetings focus on a variety of topics from enhancing the student experience, to updating the college's mission, to garnering support of community initiatives, to providing networking opportunities for attendees.

 Expectations of Council Members and Meeting attendees:

  • Attend and promote college festivals, events, and visual and performing art exhibitions
  • Assist with the creation of internships for HCC students
  • Provide more outreach to the community
  • Share initiatives, programs, and opportunities with HCC and other partners
  • Make use of social networking to keep the community informed of HCC activities
  • Work with community members to offer an expanded menu of non-credit courses that meet industry demand
  • Provide discounts to HCC Students and Employees in local establishments
  • Participate in Job Fairs
  • Volunteer to lead seminars on topics of interest to HCC students and employees
  • Serve as good will ambassadors for the Ybor City Campus and Hillsborough Community College.


 Representatives from the following organizations serve on Council:


Employment Board:

In response to comments made at previous meetings, we have added (below) a link to our employment board.  After registration, employers can post jobs and review the resumes of our participating students.  Please visit the board today and register: https://www.hccfl.edu/ssem/careers/employers.aspx.