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 911 Public Safety Telecommunications Program

Are you looking for an exciting career that also makes a real difference in people's lives?   

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By Florida law, Public Safety Telecommunicators (911 Dispatchers) must be certified at the state level before working independently in a 911 Center.  The state accredited HCC 911 Public Safety Telecommunications Program offers this certification.  Course graduates will, upon successful completion of the state exam, be certified to work in a 911 Center.  This 240-hour program teaches the mandated materials prior to individual certification.   

The Public Safety Telecommunications field is a growing industry constantly seeking new professionals.  Drawn by the ability to help those in need, such as first responders or citizens facing an emergency, the 911 Dispatcher is the first point of contact when a critical incident occurs.  This course prepares students for careers as Emergency Dispatchers for law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel, and emergency medical technicians.  Successful graduates will possess a marketable skill that is in demand nationwide.  Career openings begin locally and range from rural counties to large metropolitan police departments across all 50 states.   

Modern communication facilities feature technology that allows Dispatchers to actively track crimes, research suspect information, plot potential hazardous material release, and monitor aerial video feeds.  These capabilities allow Dispatchers to actively contribute to public and responder safety, helping to save lives and solve problems.  

Are you interested in a career as an Emergency Dispatcher and 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator?  The certification offered by this course is required at all emergency Communication Centers statewide.  This HCC program prepares students with hands-on training, real-world scenarios, state-of-the-art equipment, and professional instruction on Public Safety Telecommunicator practices from state- accredited instructors.  To explore this opportunity for future growth in public service as essential personnel.








If you are interested in attending one of our professional level course, please visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hccpst.


This 240-hour course will cover the following topics of instruction:


·    Introduction to Public Safety and the role of Telecommuicators
  ·    Professional Ethics
  ·    Basic Principles and Components of Emergency Medical Services
  ·    Basic Principles and Components of Law Enforcement
  ·    Hazardous Materials and Fire Department Response
  ·    Communications Equipment and Resources
  ·    Call Classification and Prioritization
  ·    Radio Communications
  ·    Emergency Management
  ·    Haz Mat & Fire Responses
  ·    Customer Service
  ·    Stress Management Techniques
  ·    Operational Skills
  ·    Crisis Intervention
  ·    Criminal/Civil Law

  ·    Active Shooter

  ·    Liability

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3)  Complete the Application for Admission to the E911 Program (Click on this link) 

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For further assistance or have questions regarding 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Certification, please contact the 911 Public Safety Telecommunication Training Coordinator at (813) 253-7799.