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Hillsborough Community College offers a College Credit Certificate Program in Crime Scene Technology designed to prepare graduates for work in crime scene fields and forensics.

Crime Scene work is a growing field made famous by television shows such as the CSI series. It is a very technical field with specialty training being necessary. Crime scene technician positions are often civilian and are not recruited from sworn police officers but are hired directly from the public.

Crime Scene Technicians and Technologists specialize in the locating, identifying, processing, and preserving of evidence at crime scenes, identifying fingerprints, crime scene photography, as well as testifying in court as to their findings. City, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys offices, and medical examiners' offices as well as criminal and civil law
firms and private industry employ crime scene specialists.

Please Note: Students must apply to Advising to obtain their Crime Scene College Credit Certificate.


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