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Larry Newton


Larry Newton, M.S.


Larry W. Newton graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work from Wayne State University and a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of South Florida. Mr. Newton coordinated a juvenile offender employment/life skills program for a non-profit organization from 1992 until 1998 when he joined the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). His work involved pre-employment skills instruction and job placement assistance. During his 15 years with DJJ, he facilitated delinquency prevention, restorative justice and social/life skills group sessions. In addition, along with several other juvenile justice professionals throughout the state, he assisted with the development of the Residential Positive Achievement Change Tool (R-PACT), an assessment tool currently utilized by all residential programs to assess risk and protective factors for youths entering commitment. Joining G4S-Youth Services in 2013, he currently provides services for youths transitioning from residential commitment to community reentry. Mr. Newton will be teaching an introductory course on juvenile justice with an emphasis on the Florida juvenile justice system.