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Do only students wanting to become police officers major in Criminal Justice?
A: No. A Criminal Justice Degree can be a good beginning for any career in the justice field including police work, corrections, probation, crime scene, investigations, counter-intelligence, security, and law.

Q: Is a Criminal Justice Degree appropriate for someone who wants to go to law school and become an attorney?
A: Yes. A Criminal Justice Degree can be a good beginning for those who wish to go to law school. In fact, a number of our Adjunct Professors who are attorneys began with a Criminology Degree.

Q: Are there career options other then law enforcement or law for a person with a Criminal Justice Degree?
A: Yes. There are many other fields within criminal justice including victim advocacy, crime scene, drug abuse counselor, and community service officer.

Q: Can Criminal Justice classes be taken by non-majors and are these classes transferable?
A: Yes. All Criminal Justice classes are transferable and can be taken by students regardless of the degree they are seeking.

Q: Does an A.S. Degree in Criminal Justice Technology transfer to the University or should a student intending to go on and get a Bachelors Degree seek an A.A. Degree?
A: The A.S. Degree in Criminal Justice Technology, pursuant to a Florida State-Wide Articulation Agreement, is fully transferable and allows a graduate entry into any State University or College (and most Private schools as well) as a Junior.