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All Criminal Justice Majors who are seeking an A.S. Degree are required to register and successfully complete CCJ 2940, Criminal Justice Internship prior to graduation. All Criminal Justice Majors who are seeking an A.A.S. Degree or an A.A. Degree may take CCJ 2940 as an elective. This course is limited to Criminal Justice Majors.

Criminal Justice Majors may take and complete CCJ 2949, Criminal Justice Field Studies, instead of CCJ 2940, Criminal Justice Internship.    Criminal Justice Majors should consider registering for CCJ 2949 instead of CCJ 2940 if they are unsure of the type of criminal justice career or agency they are interested in pursuing or if they are unable to participate in a traditional internship due to schedule conflicts or background issues.

Students can only take the Internship course only after completing most of their criminal justice required courses. Internships cannot be taken any earlier then the semester prior to the student's anticipated graduation.  Permission of the Instructor is required prior to registering for this course. Because internships fill up quickly and many affiliate sites have deadline dates, students should begin their approval process at least six months in advance.

Directed Research (CCJ 2910) is no longer a co-requisite of the Internship course but may be taken at the same time as the Internship.

Students must first complete an Internship Application.  The Application should be submit at least three to six months in advance of the start date of the semester you wish to intern during.  The Application should be submitted to the instructor. 


Students may be able to intern at a variety of Affiliate Sites such as the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, the Tampa Police Department, the Hillsborough Public Defender's Office, the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office, and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. A list of affiliate agencies to which our students may apply for internships can be found through the link below:

Students entering the Internship Program need to read the Internship Guide, the Internship Instructions, the Internship Syllabus, and complete a series of internship forms. The Internship Guide includes the rules and regulations for the Internship Program.   Downloadable copies of all the required readings and forms can be found through the links below:


3 Credits
Provides an opportunity for the student with no criminal justice experience to observe the criminal justice system in operation. The student will be expected to compare classroom theory with the day-to-day operation of the criminal justice agency and the roles and responsibilities of the professional in the field. The student will be required to spend a total of 100 clock hours, spread over the semester, in the agency.

Prerequisites: Criminal Justice Majors only
There are no class sessions or meetings for this course.  

Students should check in and maintain contact with the instructor by E-Mail.


Instructor’s permission is required – Students must complete the Application in a timely fashion.

Students should submit their written application as soon as possible.

Once you have applied, you will be issued a referral letter with instructions.   Your letter and instructions will be available for pick-up at the front desk student pick-up box at the YPST building within 5 days of applying.

Students must then register for the Internship class.   As this class fills up quickly, approved students should register as soon as registration opens up.