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The Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies Program offers our students an On-Line Program that includes individual courses and On-Line Degrees.

H.C.C. students may take these courses instead of the regular traditional classroom courses. Current H.C.C. students simply register for these classes in the same manner as a regular traditional classroom course. These classes appear in Hawknet along with the regular classes.

Non-H.C.C. students may also take these classes. You would have to first complete an application to take H.C.C. classes and then register.

HCC students can take all their required General Education and Criminal Justice courses On-Line and can earn their A.S. OR A.A. degree On-line.

On-Line courses offered by the Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies Program are presented entirely on-line with no classroom or orientation sessions so as to allow attendance by non-local students in addition to local H.C.C. students.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies Program On-Line courses are offered every semester.  Students should check the semester schedules.

The following Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies Courses are currently being offered On-Line:

CCJ-1010....Introduction to Criminology
CCJ-1020....Introduction to Criminal Justice
CCJ-1488....Ethics in Criminal Justice
CCJ-2013....Introduction to Victimology
CCJ-2610....Introduction to Criminal Typologies
CCJ-2648....Organized Crime
CCJ-2671....Race, Gender & Ethnicity in Crime
CCJ-2685....Domestic & Sexual Violence
CJC-1000....Introduction to Corrections
CJE-1000....Introduction to Law Enforcement
CJE-1640....Introduction to Criminalistics
CJE-1653....Introduction to Crime Analysis & Intelligence
CJE-1680....Introduction to Computer Crimes
CJE-2004....Career Choices in Criminal Justice
CJE-2170....Intro to International Policing & Transnational Crime
CJE-2400....Police Community Relations
CJE-2600....Criminal Investigations
CJJ-1002....Juvenile Delinquency
CJL-1000....Introduction to the Law
CJL-1062....Constitutional Law
CJL-1100....Criminal Law
CJL-1500....Introduction to the Court System
CJL-2072....Civil Rights and Liability in Criminal Justice
CJL-2130....Criminal Evidence and Procedures

CJL-2610....Courtroom Presentation of Scientific Evidence

DSC-1002...Introduction to Terrorism
DSC-1003...Introduction to Homeland Security
DSC-2033...Introduction to Terrorist Weapons & Tactics
DSC-2570...Introduction to Cyber-Terrorism




For the course descriptions of our On-Line courses please click here: 

Criminal Justice Course Descriptions   


For more information on H.C.C. On-Line courses, you may contact H.C.C. Distance Learning at: