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Mail drop

The inter-office mail drop is located in the mailroom door, YADM 104.  No personal stamped mail will be accepted.   If you need to post personal mail, there is a white mail receptacle located just outside the mailroom.  This mail is picked up Monday through Friday by the U.S. Postal Service. Note use of the white mail receptacle is at your own risk.   

Internal Mail

Initiator will use recyclable manila College envelopes for inter-office mail. Use of white legal size envelopes are prohibited for inter-office mail.   Inter-office envelopes must indicate recipient’s full name and campus.  No initials or aliases for the name of the recipient.   Ybor Campus mail will be sorted and distributed to appropriate mailbox, which will be either an individual’s name or department. 

External Mail

Outgoing mail must be properly addressed (Name, Address, City, State, and Zip Code) and you must have your department’s name in the upper left-hand corner. If outgoing mail is not properly addressed, the envelope will be returned to sender.  If your department’s name is not visibly identifiable, the District Mailroom will not apply postage and it will be delayed or not mailed at all.  Incoming mail must include recipients contact information (name and/or phone number, and department).   For  your convenience, various delivery forms will be provided upon request (i.e. certified, FedEx, UPS). 

Courier Services

Drop off and pick-up is handled through the Ybor City Campus Mailroom. Notification of courier delivery to the Mailroom will come from the Campus President’s Office.  

Mailbox Keys

Mailbox keys will be issued to all faculty and departments.  Mailboxes for adjunct faculty will be assigned and keys issued after complete adjunct faculty list is given to the mailroom staff by Academic Affairs department. In the meantime, anyone who has not been assigned a mailbox key can retrieve his or her mail from the mailroom service window. All others will be required to utilize their key when retrieving their mail.  If someone is picking up your mail, you must notify the mailroom staff. Mail will not be given without permission, authorization can be given via email or signed note.  Lost or misplaced mailbox keys must be reported to the Office of Public Safety and Mailroom immediately. Upon leaving the College, you are required to turn in your mailbox key to the mailroom. The only exception is adjunct faculty will be required to return their key at the end of each semester. 


A pink slip will be placed in your mailbox upon the receiving and logging in of package (s). The slip will state, “You have received a package(s) which has been placed in the mailroom. Please pick-up your package(s) as soon as possible. Thank you.” Due to limited space, your package(s) should be picked-up as soon as possible. There will be a one-week only hold time for packages. The person picking up packages must print their name and date before taking possession. 

Unauthorized Personnel

Mailroom entry is limited to authorized personnel only.