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Faculty Resource Center


The Faculty Resource Center is dedicated to providing and promoting faculty development. The Center will offer support to faculty through various programs that enhance teaching excellence. These programs include seminars, workshops, faculty mentoring, conference availability, educational journals, and a faculty meeting place.   

The Faculty Resource Center's Mission Statement:

The Ybor City Campus Faculty Resource Center will, in collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Technology and Faculty Professional Development, promote successful teaching strategies and faculty development for the Ybor City Campus and, when applicable, college wide to increase student learning, student retention, and student completion rates.

All faculty is invited to make use of the space and its programs. The Faculty Resource Center will be located on the second floor of the YADM building.  


The Faculty Resource Center will use workshops and training offered through CITT. In addition, the Center will also invite outside workshops/seminars for faculty.


Faculty is encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions to ensure the Faculty Resource Center will meet the need of all faculty. Please contact James Malone (jmalone7@hccfl.edu) with any questions.