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First Week Principles

First Week Learning Principles

  • Learning begins on the first day of class.
  • Learning takes place in and out of class.
  • Every moment is a learning moment.
  • Each minute that the class is scheduled is a learning minute.
  • Students design their schedules so that each class meeting is important and designed to maximize their learning and not miss learning moments.
  • Faculty design their learning environments so that each moment is a learning moment.
  • As Learning Leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators, are all involved in making sure the campus is a place of learning, in and out of the classroom.
  • Administrators support students, advisors, faculty, and others in maintaining the integrity of the learning environment and the development and reinforcement of policies, procedures, and systems that are learning-centered.
  • Learning Leaders will support college policies and procedures regarding deadlines and dates for the start of terms, end of terms, withdrawals, and the end of drop/add. Exceptions are made when the decision is educationally sound and supports the student's best interest.
  • Learning Leaders will use technology to support student awareness of college, campus, program, and instructor expectations, guidelines, policies, and procedures prior to registration and the first class meeting, where appropriate.

Email to Faculty & Staff Announcing First Week Learning Principles