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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Contest - 2017

In honor of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, the Ybor City Campus is sponsoring an essay contest. The contest is designed to learn what Ybor City Campus students think about the legacy of Dr. King, his personal impact on the individual students, and the impact his work has had on society.

The contest will have three questions/categories and you can write an essay to as many of the questions as you would like. There will be a first place ($100 bookstore voucher) and a second place ($75 bookstore voucher) for each of the essays. Top submissions will be posted on this website (with the student names removed for anonymity).

Essay Guidelines:

  • Essays must be at least 500 words and use 12-point font.
  • Essays must not exceed 2000 words.
  • Essays must be saved in the following format. mlkessay1-yourlastname or mlkessay2-yourlastname or mlkessay3-yourlastname
  • If not completely your original work, please cite your sources.
  • Submissions must be emailed to bharris@hccfl.edu by the deadline (Friday, January 27th at 5p.m.).

Essay Questions:
  1. What do you think Dr. King would think about the Black Lives Matter movement?
  2. What do you think Dr. King would say about sexual orientation and gender identity being civil rights?
  3. What has been the impact of Dr. King's legacy on your personal life?
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