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Pedestrian Safety

As you know, the Ybor City Campus is in the heart of the urban center of Tampa. As such, we have streets (both two-lane and four-lane) running there the campus. Some intersections have clearly designated crosswalks and others have nothing.

To help you navigate our campus in better and more safe manner, here are some good links on pedestrian safety.


HCC - Ybor City Campus Video with Tampa Police

Walk Wise Tampa Bay

College and University Pedestrian Resources

Florida Technology Transfer Traffic Information Program series (TIPS)

Florida's Bike and Pedestrian Safety Resource Center

Pedestrian Safety: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

U.S. Department of Transportation Pedestrian and Bike Safety Campaign

See The Blind Spot Awareness on the Road

National Transportation Safety Pedestrian Information

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Facts by the Numbers

CDC Injury Prevention for Drivers, Bicyclists, and Pedestrians

Article about Pedestrian Safety Grant