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Greetings and Welcome from the Ybor City Campus Student Services Dean


 It is an honor and privilege to assume the role as leader of the Office of Student Services. I am excited to become a member of the Hillsborough Community College family at the Ybor City Campus. HCC is a thriving and dynamic higher education institution that serves a diverse community. I am eager to serve as a proactive agent of change at HCC as it relates to imparting my passion for student advocacy and success.


The following is a list of my immediate initiatives:


·         Comprehensive enhancement of customer relations and implementation of a student-first approach within the department

·         Improved student engagement and satisfaction by streamlining the delivery and efficiency of student services

·         Enhancement of practices related to improved accessibility and professionalism of the staff

·         Improved relations and cooperation with academic affairs and other campus entities


The goal of the Office of Student Services is to support the successful learning outcomes for our students. I believe we are lifelong learners - education is a lifetime process. Booker T. Washington once said, “Few are too young, and none are too old, to make the attempt to learn.”


I am committed to facilitating the learning process and development of our students. As an education professional, my philosophy and mission is to positively shape and affect individuals through better education. I chose the profession because education is the most relevant avenue for anyone to elevate themselves in our society. More than just upward mobility, education has the power to expand the scope of a person’s ambition. My vision for the Office of Student Services is to comprehensively support the holistic educational experience. 


A quality educational experience is a right, student services staff will be proponents of fulfilling that right. We will strive to provide every student with superior customer service and positive interactions that predicate satisfaction, retention, persistence and student success. The sum and value of education is not confined to a classroom. The value of knowledge and training transcends the walls of buildings, expands past the boundaries of any campus, and speaks to the development of successful people from all walks of life. Regardless of your station in life or your beginnings, access to a quality education can serve as a platform to wherever, whatever and whoever you wish to become.


I look forward to serving you and contributing to the mission of Hillsborough Community College at the Ybor City Campus. I encourage you to say hello as I will consistently visit the various beautiful areas around our campus. I enjoy interacting with students and obtaining firsthand feedback in an effort to improve our services. My door is open and I am always available to serve you. GO HAWKS!



Dr. LeRodrick Terry

Dean of Student Services, Ybor City Campus