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Few gifts offer donors greater satisfaction than a gift to establish a scholarship. You can have the fulfilling experience of enabling students to attend HCC. This type of contribution will last a lifetime. Besides, providing scholarships greatly enhances the community.  Each year students leave HCC and join the workforce.  Their added skills translate to higher earnings.  Over time, the local workforce benefits from quality instruction.

Moreover, individuals who obtain higher education are less likely to smoke, abuse alcohol, draw welfare, be unemployed or commit crimes. The savings to taxpayers and the community at large is $128 million per year. The improvement to an individual's quality of life is priceless.


If you or your organization would like to create a scholarship fund, please consider the following options:

  • For anticipated regular annual gifts of $2,000 or more -- You may wish to create a named scholarship fund that is listed on our website with specific criteria agreed upon by you and the HCC Foundation.  Scholarship balances not used by students accumulate in the fund and are available to award to future students. 
  • For gifts of at least $1,000 for a single scholarship -- Students may be awarded a scholarship named for an individual, family or business, if desired, with agreed upon criteria.  Unspent balances for students no longer enrolled at HCC will roll into our General Scholarship Fund to support other students in the future.
  • Gifts of any amount, including gifts under $1,000 -- You can make a gift here any time to the HCC Foundation’s General Scholarship Fund or to an existing scholarship fund.  General Scholarship Fund criteria and award recipients will be determined by the Scholarship Selection Committee.  Unrestricted scholarship gifts help provide flexibility for awarding scholarships to financially needy or first generation in college students.
  • Endowed Scholarship Fund -- You can make a lasting gift the gives in perpetuity by creating an Endowed Scholarship Fund through a minimum gift of $10,000 or more as a one-time gift or pledged over several years. Please contact a foundation representative if you would like to explore this option or click here for more information. 

Scholarship Timeline 

The foundation publishes all available scholarships for the fall term in early February. Scholarship funds received by January 31 will be included in that announcement.  Decisions are made by the Selection Committee in the spring so students can plan for fall classes. The HCC selection committee is comprised of counselors  and financial aid personnel.


Special Note:  Scholarship funds will be awarded to the recipients for tuition, books and other academic costs.